Pokethulhu of Isla de Snora

An Interactive Pokenomicon


POKETHULHU is a roll-playing game of ancient, unspeakable, yet oddly cute and cuddly, eldrich horror. In it players assume the rolls of children who capture and train pokethulhu, fiendish little monsters of the Lovecraftian variety. They then pit their pokethulhu against one another in mortal combat. If you would like to learn more about the game and what the Pokethulhu stats mean, please visit the Official Site. There you can read about the game and download your own totally-free copy!

Pokethulhu of Isla de Snora is a pokenomicon-a collection of pokethulhu I've created for either first-time players or experienced pokethulhu cultists. Based on the discriptions of those few hapless souls who've returned from the Isla de Snora with their sanity mostly intact, use this pokenomicon to identify the pokethulhu you've captured, and help determine which Pokethulhu you want to play with.

Enter the Pokenomicon!

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